March Scopes are hand built in Japan by craftsmen using only Japanese parts You can now change the reticle style and color on the red-dot, holo-sight and 2x scope using the scope zeroing keys (Page It includes 6X fixed focus marco scope lens A fixed power scope may be written as 10x35mm Turret adjustments are spot-on and solid Turret adjustments are spot.. ACOG TA01- 4x32 Scope with Full Line Red Illumination features black crosshairs during daytime and tritium illuminates reticle at night. The reticle ranges out to 800 meters for 5.56 (. 223 cal). Upon mounting, the bright reticle of the dual illuminated ACOG appears as a streak on the target. The shooter must then fire before the brain takes. With a wide array of magnification levels, reticle designs, and reticle colors available — there truly is an ACOG for every mission. Trijicon >ACOG riflescopes come in the following magnification levels: 1.5x16, 1.5x24, 2x20, 3x24, 3x30, 3.5x55, 4x32, 5.5x50, and 6x48..

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